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Project Vote is the preeminent source of information on election and voting issues that affect underrepresented Americans. Our research and publications cover a wide range of topics, including electorate composition and state compliance with federal election law as well as broader policy issues that improve access or raise barriers to democracy. The following works come in an array of formats, from expansive reports, briefing papers, guides, and fact sheets to model bills, legal opinions, and testimony. You can search for publications by issue, state, or program area.

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altThe story of American democracy is often told as the steady expansion of voting rights, but history has not yet caught up with one group: people with past felony convictions. Policies on felon re-enfranchisement are inconsistent across the 50 states, creating widespread confusion among both former offenders and the officials charged with implementing the laws. The result is a network of misinformation that discourages some legally eligible voters from registering to vote, and places undue restrictions on others seeking reintegration into society.

In this updated policy paper, Project Vote Legislative Director Estelle Rogers looks at the relevant voting laws in all 50 states, discusses the arguments for felon re-enfranchisement, and makes recommendations for clear and uniform policies that benefit society as a whole. 

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