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Minnesota Lawmakers Inch Forward on Voting Rights But More Work Needs to be Done, say Voting Rights Groups Print E-mail
May 20, 2013

St. Paul, Minn. – The Minnesota House passed modest reforms to Minnesota’s election systems, but the ACLU-MN and many members of the Voting Rights Coalition—a nonpartisan partnership of civil and voting rights advocates—caution that more work is necessary to make Minnesota’s election systems more convenient and accessible. The groups call on all Minnesota legislators to support true election reform in the next session. The Minnesota Senate is expected to pass the same reforms before the close of the session today.
National Voter Registration Act Turns 20, Faces Challenges Today Print E-mail
May 17, 2013

Washington, DC – Monday, May 20 marks the 20th Anniversary of the signing of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). Though less familiar to most Americans than the Voting Rights Act, the NVRA changed the way voter registration is handled in the U.S. It stands today as one of the most vital federal laws protecting the right to vote in America. 
Proposed Election Rules Create New Hurdles for Voter Registration and Risk Improper Voter Roll Purges Print E-mail
Project Vote and Voting Rights and Civic Engagement Groups call on Governor Pence to Veto
April 29, 2013
Indianapolis – The Indiana legislature yesterday passed election rules that will make it more difficult to register to vote, and increase the risk of improper purges, according to national voting rights group Project Vote. Project Vote is calling on Governor Pence to veto the bill, SB 519.
Harmful Language Barrier in Elections Bill Would Impact Many Seeking Assistance at the Polls Print E-mail
April 22, 2013

Clearwater, Florida – As the senate election bill SB 600 heads to the floor for a final vote on Wednesday, voting rights advocates are flagging the amended language in the bill that creates a harmful barrier to some voters to cast a ballot. Local residents and members of the Florida Consumer Action Network, Awake Pinellas, PICO, Project Vote, and the ACLU will gather outside of Senator Jack Latvala’s office (26133 US Highway 19 North, Clearwater, Florida) at 2 p.m. on Tuesday April 23 to call for changes to the elections reform package, specifically language which hurts elderly and language minority voters by limiting who can provide assistance to them when casting their ballot.
Legislative Battles Over Voting Rights Continue in 2013 Print E-mail
New Project Vote Report Examines States' Records

March 27, 2013

Washington, DC – In a report released today, voting rights organization Project Vote analyzes all of the voting related bills introduced, passed, or rejected across the country in the first quarter of 2013, and finds that the recent trend towards disenfranchisement continues. 
According to the report, Election Legislation 2013: Threats and Opportunities Assessment, 30 states introduced laws that restrict voting. 
While the lawmakers’ continued focus on voter restrictions is disturbing, the report also finds a groundswell of support for ways to protect and improve access to the democratic system. “Members of Congress, state lawmakers, and the American people are focusing on combating anti-voting measures and bringing our election system into the 21st century,” writes report author Erin Ferns Lee. 
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